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  1. dirtydyanna says:

    I’ve been pretty much a sex maniac since I was 21. That’s not counting the time from December 28, 1963, when I got married until July 14, 1964. I was a virgin until then. But on July 14, my husband forced himself on me, so I guess you’d call that the first time. Anyway, that’s another story. I thought I’d never stop liking it, but I’m now 65 and haven’t had sex with someone else for 8 years. I think that may change. I met him on a Monday, and my heart stood still. (old 50’s song) Before that though, he left a few messages on my phone. I must say he had me at hello. What a voice! And I loved the way he said, “Byyyyyyyeeee”

  2. dirtydyanna says:

    Our first meeting. We met in a restaurant, and I knew him right away. Gosh, someone who actually posted a real picture of himself that wasn’t 10 years old! The first thing I noticed about him were his eyes, piercing and light blue. He had a little mustache that was a little darker than his short beard on his chin. Very clean looking and a definite good dresser. I know he had some kind of white sweater, but I didn’t notice much because I spent the majority of the time looking at his face. I was very nervous. This was unusual for me and I felt out of control. We each got an ice tea and sat down and started to chat. We talked for 2 hours and I haven’t a clue what we talked about. It was a mutual back and forth. We both kind of simultaneously decided it was time to go, and he asked if I wanted to walk through the mall first. Good sign. He wasn’t ready to get rid of me at once. I usually am the one to say it’s over, and usually in the first 5 minutes. We walked around a bit and went back to my car. He gave me a hug and told me to call him. Now, women my age are not used to calling first, so that kinda threw me. That ended our first date on a Monday.

  3. dirtydyanna says:

    Our first real date. He asked if he could take me to a movie, so we went to see “Robin Hood.” I was still extremely nervous and hoped it didn’t show. My stomach was doing a number on me and I should have taken antacids. Haven’t been this close to a man in years! When am I going to get my cool back? He was leaning on me a bit and I had all I could do not to put my tongue in his ear! This was a long movie and not many love scenes. As usual, I cannot hardly remember it after just seeing it last Thursday. We left the movie and drove to my house. I asked him if he wanted to come in for a drink. I had bought the ingredients for a dirty martini, gin, vermouth, olives, but no shaker or glasses. Wow! He had a gin on the rocks with a little vermouth. He sat on the sofa and I sat on an ottoman. Did I tell you what he was wearing? A black long-sleeved shirt, black jeans with a belt, and a silver chain. It looked great with his gray mustache. We talked about an hour and then he got up to leave. Kissed me quickly on the lips. Didn’t do too much for me. My first impression was he wasn’t a very good kisser or not much practice. I was glad to be alone with my upset stomach!

  4. dirtydyanna says:

    Second date: Thursday night after the first Monday night date. Movie,
    “It’s complicated” at my house with Cherry Cobbler for dessert. There was a comment in the movie about a woman that didn’t have sex for so long her vagina grew together. I just read something about that on the internet. Brad wanted to know if that could happen. I didn’t reply as I haven’t had sex for about that amount of time and mine hasn’t grown shut the last time I checked. I’ll have to look up the term for that. Anyway, Brad had on really sexy cowboy boots. He leaned into me again and when I sat sideways, he slipped his hand on my legs, in between right above the knee. I could feel my blood startin to heat again. He dropped a bit of the cherry cobbler on his shirt and I got up to get a wipe to clean it off, and then noticed his chest. Light gray hair and a lot of it…..mmmmmmmmmmmmm, I commented. He must know I’m into him! He loved the cobbler and told me so when he came into the kitchen. I told him, “Honestly, I only heated it up.” It was “Mrs. Smith’s” cooking. “Well, he said, you did a really good job of heating it up….He wrapped me into his arms and kissed me very tenderly. Then he kissed me a few more times and slipped his tongue slowly into my mouth. He is a great kisser! I could have continued right then, but he gently held me for awhile and then said he’d better head home. He had to work in the morning and then the next day. I didn’t hear from him again until Saturday afternoon when he said he needed to take a nap. He had gotten only a few hours of sleep the night before. Sunday, he called to say he was probably going out of town for a couple days. I felt a little down about this as it was the holidays—Memorial Day weekend and I hate holidays now that my girls are grown and gone. Now, what I should have been doing was exercising my butt off, and I would have been down a few pounds when he finally got back. Or maybe it was over. Boy, talk about confidence, huh? Try to picture Brad Pitt when he gets older—that’s my Brad. I love to watch him walking away! It’s now June 1, Tuesday, and he called twice. Wow, that’s a good sign. He’s got tomorrow off—What do I want to do? And silly answered–“Anything you want!”
    He’s got to know I’m smitten, or just awfully horny! I’ve got to lose another 800 calories tonight on the treadmill. I missed Aqua class tonight and my pole class this morning. Thought it was Monday!

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